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Sequin Shimmer Wall Backdrop

Sequin Shimmer Wall Backdrop

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Our beautiful sequin walls are a must at any event!   

Sequin Wall Backdrops are great to use at baby showers, engagements or weddings.

Add a sequin shimmer wall using our sequin wall tiles that fit together so easily.

Our quality panels easily clip together with built in acrylic clips at the back means quick & easy construction and no fuss 

Easy to clasp to your frame with cable ties 

Suitable for most frames 

Many different colours including gold, black, silver, Barbie pink

Individual panel dimensions 30cm x 30cm

6ft x 6ft - 36 panels
7ft x 7ft - 49 panels
8ft x 8ft - 64 panels

Gold sequin shimmer wall

Silver sequin shimmer wall

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