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Wedding Audio Guestbook Retro Phone

Wedding Audio Guestbook Retro Phone

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Our Audio Guestbook allows you to capture the real voices at your wedding. The Mother that leaves the sentimental, heartfelt message. The cousin that re-tells that “had to be there” moment from 10 years ago. The drunken groomsman saying something he’ll probably regret tomorrow (but has now immortalised forever). Like wedding photos and a fine wine.. these audio guestbook voicemails will get better and better with time.

Our vintage style guestbook phone is the ultimate way to capture those precious memories. Use for your own event or buy to hire out if you have an events company!

How does it work?
1) you record a voice message, this can be added directly on the phone or you can use a prerecorded one using the USB provided

The voicemail will play out loud once recorded, it can be replaced as many times as you like with no limits

2) your guest picks up the handset, listens to your voice note then speaks after the beep

3) return the handset and the message is saved

4) retrieve all the recordings, plug in the usb or SD card

Provides 72 hours of continuous use, SD card holds 8gb of data (7200 minutes)

The phones are only compatible with windows. Connecting with Apple Mac will break the phone

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